Pirates of Polaris


Are you pirate enough to navigate a ship on the high seas through thunder and lightning? Only time will tell…

Aboard the ship Polaris in this pirate themed escape room, you and your mates have been thrown in the brig. Your hopes for being let out are dimming.

Suddenly, a mutiny breaks out. All you can hear from your prison are screams, gunshots and thuds.

After a while, the fighting stops and an eerie silence prevails. You find that you can make your way out of the brig.

The rest of the crew has abandoned the ship, and there’s a storm raging.

Can you and your mates work as a team and steer the ship safely to land?

USP: Pirates of Polaris features artefacts from a real life 130 year old ship called Polaris.

Please note: This game includes flashing lights and smoke machines. If you do not want to face them, please let us know in advance and we will adjust the game accordingly.


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