An escape room is an adventure-type game. It involves you and your team being placed inside a room and having to solve puzzles and perform tasks in order to find your way out.
Most escape rooms (including yours truly) create dramatic backstories and include special effects to liven up the experience.
The concept is that you’re trapped inside the room; however you are not actually locked inside.
If you need a bathroom break, you can leave temporarily and rejoin the game.
However if the team decides to call it quits midway, we may not allow you to pick up from where you left off.
Most escape rooms give you 60 minutes. The Escapement gives you 90.
Whilst we are not wheelchair accessible we will try our best to accommodate any needs..
Some rooms contain smaller spaces, light and smoke effects which can be removed or bypassed with prior notice. We may not be able to modify the missions on the day of your booking.
Our games are not designed to be scary or claustraphobic.
Game masters will be monitoring you constantly and you can leave any time you want to.
How long is a piece of string? Your experience will be governed by how long it takes you to escape. Please also allow ten minutes either side of your game time for briefings..
* Please note that if you arrive late, you will be allowed to play but your time in the room may be reduced since we cannot keep the team that has booked the slot after yours waiting.
Anyone can play, however people under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Yes. You will not be paired up with any other team.
Pirates of Polaris and Egyptian Exodus can accommodate 2-6 players.The Pit can accommodate 7 players. Minimum team size is 2 players.
Yes, we understand plans can change so we allow cancellations and refunds in certain circumstances, however we are a live, ticketed event much like a theatre or cinema so last minute changes cannot be catered for. We have a clear and open cancellation policy. 14 Days before booked game: We can cancel, rearrange and refund games free of charge. 8-14 Days before booked game: We are able to refund bookings, less the minimum deposit price of £60 per booking. We can reschedule any booking in this time frame for a fee of £15. 7 Days or less before booking: We are unable to refund any bookings. We are able to reschedule bookings, less the minimum deposit price of £60 per booking. Less than 24 hours before booking: We are unable to refund or reschedule any bookings.
Yes you can!
An escapement experience is the ideal gift for a variety of occasions and suitable for just about anybody.
In order to deepen the experience we offer printed cards within sealed envelopes and ‘Message in a bottle’ type vouchers, complete with parchment and sand.
Choose your voucher here.
You should wear comfortable and sensible clothing. Try to avoid clothes that may tear off easily or have a lot of loose length that may get caught on corners.
Please note, our Egyptian Exodus room escape has a non stain sand base. You will be required to wear sensible flat shoes.
Our business address is 65 Northdown Road, Margate CT9 2RJ.
You can reach us easily by train, bus, or car.
Our nearest train station is Margate, which is less than a mile away.
Our nearest bus stop is the one opposite Sweyn Road (79 Northdown Road) which puts you almost immediately outside our building.
The nearest car park is Trinity Square Car Park.
We look forward to making your time at this Kent Escape Room an event you’ll never want to forget.
So we do try our best to accommodate special requests but we do require advance notice.
Please shoot us an email at info@escapementmargate.co.uk telling us what you need and we will do our best to do it.
Yes, we do. Please email us at info@escapementmargate.co.uk and we can discuss a special group package.
Please note that we accept group booking for groups of 36 or more people.
Yes, we do.
We will offer you a special corporate package which will include special pricing, refreshments arrangements and the chance for someone from your office to watch your teams in progress with our Game master.
Please email us at info@escapementmargate.co.uk to arrange for a corporate booking.
Of course!
This being an Escape Room in Kent, you can take in the sights and sounds of a seaside town in Kent (Margate), enjoy our hospitality, and finally, try to get your hands on some Kent memorabilia.
This escape room allows only good old English courage, not Dutch courage.
If you’re under the influence, we will not allow you to participate in the escape.
Your booking fee will not be reimbursed and you will be removed from our premises.
Unfortunately we do not have dedicated parking. We run adjacent to a residential road which has parking spaces or alternativley there are two carparks nearby. Trinity Square carpark and Lido carpark.
Please note from May 17th 2021 we can only accept bookings for bookings of up to 6 people from 6 different households or larger groups made up of only two households. By agreeing to booking, you agree to adhere to government rules. Players must bring their own masks.

Have a question?

Call us on +01843 44 99 08, during business hours if you want to ask us something, or shoot an email to info@escapementmargate.co.uk.

We usually respond to emails within 24 hours.

Once you are ready to book your mission, just click on the button below to be taken to the Booking Page, where you can select your date, time and mission and start your adventure.