Egyptian Exodus


All of you. Against a God. You must help the pharaoh pass onto the afterlife but…

A crypt in disarray. A God who’s easily angered. And a soul trapped in this life…

The lost tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses III.

So far, many have entered the tomb.

None of them have returned.

You and your team of archaeologists decide to enter the tomb.

You discover that the spirit of Ramesses III is trapped in this world. He needs your help to pass on to the next.

However, be warned that the tomb is guarded by the God of the Dead.

Can you and your fellow archaeologists work as a team, avoid the wrath of a God and help the Pharaoh pass on to the afterlife?

USP: This escape room will require multiple sensory inputs including smell, touch, sound, and light.


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