Make your next night out truly epic

The key to making your next night out truly epic is to include some activity that draws everybody in to actively participate in the proceedings

Google ‘ideas for a night out’ and ten to one you’ll get the following among your top 5 search results

  • Enjoy Happy Hour at the bar
  • Drinking at a cheap bar

Which are all OK…seriously, the Dylan Thomas Night Out Special is kind of a British institution.

But the transition from the Dylan Thomas Special to Bars We’re Barred From and Waking Up All Thirsty With A Headache can be a pretty rapid journey downhill.


Roulette on your phone?

Dress up in your fanciest tuxedo, cosy up in your armchair and rev up that app on your mobile.

Sounds good, provided you find it healthy to spend your night out entirely by yourself.

What if I told you there is a way to plan your night out which would see you

  • Escape the room in your mind palace where all the unhappy thoughts reside
  • Team up with friends and family and bond with them over a shared thrilling experience
  • Include escapement in your repertoire of things you’re good at

Yeah, you guessed right…I’m talking about you planning your night out at The Escapement, the premier escape room establishment in all the UK.

An out-of-this-world experience

Think I’m exaggerating?

What if I told you your night out could involve you encounter genuine artefacts from a real life 130 year old ship in a ‘ship abandoned in the middle of nowhere’ scenario?

Your own private Captain Jack Sparrow moment.

Tell me that’s not truly a genuine ‘WOW!’ moment.

And, yes, when I say ‘private’ I mean it. Here at The Escapement, you are not paired up with anyone else just to fill our rooms to full capacity.

Oh, if the aboard the ship on the high seas scenario does not sound appealing, you can

  • Go on a journey to the centre of the earth
  • Have your very own face off with Egyptian gods and ancient mummies

A shared experience with friends…

In an escape room you need to work together with your team. There is just no way around it.

A night out at The Escapement will see you develop a sense of kinship with your chosen team as you work together to untangle riddles and accomplish tasks in your quest to escape the room.

And I’m not just saying that.

Escape rooms are widely known to encourage team building; so much so that we field frequent requests for corporate bookings for team building events.

Now, of course, you are not on a corporate event but you can guess from that that a night out at The Escapement will be a truly shared night out among friends, and one you will all remember for a long, long time.

Also one where there will be no embarrassing photos of you lying on the road, all pissed, next morning.

…One that will cement your place in The Hall of Fame

If you are the one arranging this night out, it’s more or less inevitable that you will end up in The Hall of Fame as The One Responsible For That Night.

We’ve even put together a 2-part handy guide on how you can go about beating an escape room for your benefit if this is your first time in an escape room.

And help you discover hidden talents

Thrust into a win-lose situation, you may discover talents you never knew you had!

After all, sometimes a crisis is the best time for ordinary people to become extraordinary, right? Well, we don’t have an actual crisis and nobody will be in any real danger…but we work really hard on immersing you in the situation and you’re sure to feel it in your bones.

So, who among you knows all the capital cities of the Western Hemisphere? Who’s good at crunching numbers?

Are those real hints to actual puzzles we feature in our rooms?

Now, what makes you think I would reveal that to you in a blog?

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