Feasting on an Escapement experience

Try escaping this appetizing experience!

This might sound like a weird thing to say – feasting an Escapement experience – but an escape experience here at The Escapement…or at any escape room in Kent or the UK, really…is an entire 3-course feast.

Yeah, you read that right!

An escape experience at an escape room can be every bit as filling and satisfying as a 3-course feast.

Setting the date

So, you’ve decided to try out an escape room.

You’ve been hearing how escape rooms are really somethings to try out – from the stolen bits of conversation at the water cooler to your social media feed – and finally, you decide to check out just how big a deal they really are.

So, you sit down with your mates, who of course you want to take along on your escape feast, gloss over the calendar and choose the date.

Then you head over to the website of the escape room you’ve chosen and book your…well, no, not a table but your time slot.

The Escapement explains: Bookings here at The Escapement are always private bookings so, just like with a restaurant booking, you will never be paired up with anyone else.

However, some escape rooms do allow public bookings meaning that in case you don’t book a minimum number of tickets, you may be paired up with other teams.

Escape themes

In a restaurant you can get a choice of cuisine themes – say English cuisine, Continental cuisine or Chinese cuisine.

Here at The Escapement, you have a choice of themes

  • A pirate themed escape game.
  • A disaster themed escape game.
  • An Egyptian mythology themed escape game.

The days go by…

You look forward to your big day.

As the date draws nearer and nearer, you can almost feel yourself standing the escape room, dramatically uncovering and announcing clues.

You can almost taste the sweet smell of victory – having your name on the leaderboard – just like vapours emanating from a rich, creamy soup or a well done steak.

…and the Big Day arriveth

It’s D-Day!

You dress, meet up with the gang and proceed towards the escape room.

The Escapement explains: Like a lot of restaurants, The Escapement does not have a dress code. You should wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

However, please ensure that your clothes don’t have loose ends that could get caught on corners. You can refer to our FAQ page for more on the subject.

Once you arrive

You will be signed in, and led to a waiting area where you can wait while the team before you filter out and the room is reset for you.


You aren’t expected to just barge into the escape room and start your escape game.

Partly to build atmosphere and partly to reveal critical information that can’t be released openly on the website, a briefing process takes place first.

Whatever you need to know about your escape mission will be revealed to you at this stage.

You’re getting your first taste of your escape experience, just like appetizers precede the main course.

And then, with your appetite whetted, you’re ushered in.


This is it.

The big moment.

That you’ve been looking forward to.

While savouring in the escape room atmosphere, you need to start digging into the mission.

Fan out across the room, looking for your escape route!

The clock’s ticking. Tick tock.

The Escapement explains: While every person and every team will have their own style, you can refer to our guide to escape rooms to get some pointers as to how best to marshal the team and move forward towards the leaderboard.


As your hour draws to a close, you exit the escape room. Hopefully, having solved the entire room and found your own way out!

Once you’re done, escape room staff hurry inside the room to reset it for the next team.

And you are led into another room to be debriefed.

An opportunity to relive your escape experience and savour some of the juiciest moments.

And then, you exit the escape room, your appetite fulfilled.

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